UK Directors

OMEX has a strong and highly motivated team of directors.  Some of the senior team began their career in OMEX at grass roots level and have grown and developed along with the companies.

The team has grown the OMEX brand massively over the past few decades, and continue to inspire and innovate within a competitive market.


Directors of OMEX Agriculture Ltd

O Winkler    

M Winkler                                                  

A Tootal

A Eccles

A Butler

R Burton


Directors of OMEX Environmental Ltd

O Winkler  

M Winkler

D Featherstone 

P Sheppardson

F Thomson


Directors of OMEX Agrifluids Ltd

O Winkler  

N Winkler

P Prentis

A Lowes

D O’Donnell

C Gipp

M Santos

M Bowyer