Acidic Wastewater Treatment

Industrial treatment processes can produce acidic waste streams, which have to be neutralised before discharge to meet pH, metal and other consent parameters. 

Based on magnesium hydroxide and formulated as a concentrated suspension, Magmex is a safe, easy to regulate alternative to the more traditional hazardous products such as caustic soda.

Magnesium is also known to have beneficial effects on anaerobic bacteria. In anaerobic conditions the pH level is a key factor in the correct growth of bacteria. For this reason Magmex can be introduced into anaerobic digestors in order to neutralise excess acid.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced sludge volumes.
  • Improved flocculation, often developing dense sludge and therefore effective dewatering.
  • Naturally buffering at around pH 9-9.5, biological plants are safe from overdose.
  • Mobile pilot plant available for bulk application trials.


Magmex Range

A range of Magnesium Hydroxide suspensions for treating acidic wastewaters and controlling pH levels...