OMEX has a culture of strict quality control throughout the supply chain and is registered and certified by the FIAS assurance scheme.  The manufacture, delivery and application of suspension fertiliser is fully traceable, from raw material supply to application on the field.

Raw Materials

Raw materials are sourced from businesses that have a long standing relationship with OMEX and a strong track record for high quality and consistent delivery. All raw materials are analysed by in-house laboratories prior to use and raw materials are also analysed for ‘non-nutrients’ and reports are available for customers to comply with crop assurance audits and inspections.


Fully trained operators are used to manufacture product, often custom-made to specific farm requirements.  Production records are stored, detailing the source and recorded quantity of raw materials used.  Every batch of finished product is sampled and analysed prior to despatch and the sample is retained for 18 months.


Finished goods are distributed in bulk tankers, issued over certified public weighbridges and in a range of pack sizes.  The delivery process is controlled by a strict OMEX Code of Practice, in addition to industry codes and containers are sealed with tamper-evident closures to prevent any contamination or alteration of products from the manufacturing facilities to the end user.


OMEX suspension fertilisers are applied by a team of dedicated operators, following a Code of Practice and using the latest spraying equipment certified to the NSTS standards.  Operators are qualified and registered with the NRoSO scheme. 

Health and Safety

OMEX places a high priority on the Health and Safety of its staff, contractors, customers and members of the public.  A comprehensive Health and Safety manual is operated throughout the business, and regular safety meetings and safety inspections take place with independent Health and Safety consultants, covering all aspects of the business activities.


Fertiliser production is regulated under the Environment Agency IPPC Regulations, which permits and controls key processes within the production cycle.  OMEX is a member of the UK Agricultural Industries Confederation and is active within the Fertiliser Advisors Certification and Training Scheme.  All field advisory staff are FACTS Qualified Advisors and are members of the BASIS Professional Register.  Soil analysis work is carried out within the remit of the PAAG, established in 2009 to promote the benefits of soil analysis for efficient nutrient management and provide a forum for soil analysis accuracy.  The OMEX production system is audited by both the Soil Association and Organic Farmers and Growers and the production of organic fertilisers is licensed with these organisations.  


OMEX was involved in the drafting and implementation of the Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme and the AIC/EA Code of Practice for the safe handling and storage of fluid fertilisers.  It has representation on technical and legislative committees relating to the manufacture and use of fertilisers in the UK and is active in working groups and steering committees for all areas of fertiliser production, handling and application.  

Legal requirements

All OMEX products conform to the UK Fertilisers Regulations 1991, in terms of composition and labelling.    

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