Service is at the heart of the OMEX offer. A team of FACTS qualified advisors and agronomists supply a total crop nutrition package to agricultural customers and distributors. This involves tailoring customised fertiliser mixes to each field according to crop needs and makes use of soil, SAP and water analysis services



Soil Analysis

OMEX provides a free soil sampling and analysis service to customers that helps support the decision process surrounding nutrient application rates for specified fields to reach yield and quality targets. Reports are provided in a range of formats and can be directly uploaded into arable farm management software.

SAP Analysis

Monitoring crops during peak growth periods is key to ensuring they achieve maximum potential. OMEX offers a full plant nutrition analysis service using the facilities of the Scientific Agricultural Partnership (SAP) laboratories in King’s Lynn. The laboratories specialise in the extraction, analysis and interpretation of plant sap samples taken from growing plants.

Water Analysis

OMEX offers a comprehensive water analysis service to growers. From standard conductivity, pH salts and metals testing to detailed composition, including bicarbonate and irrigation suitability, the results include a tailored nutrient programme recommendation by FACTS Horticulture qualified advisors.

Farm Storage Tanks

OMEX offers on-farm storage tanks for liquid nitrogen and solution fertilisers. Low cost storage tanks are available on a subsidised rental scheme or to purchase. The tanks are sited, operated and inspected according to an Industry and Environment Agency code.

Fertiliser Application

OMEX offers fertiliser application services and also advises on best practice related to the application of liquid fertilisers. Techniques regularly employed include precision placement of starter fertiliser, banded fertiliser application, combined application of fertiliser and seed and placement of nitrogen and compound fertiliser for row crops.



Crop production protocols require a high level of traceability and the range of crop assurance schemes in place need evidence of the amount of nutrient applied to crops along with the levels of any non-nutrients applied.  The OMEX traceability service provides customer-specific reports, detailing nutrient application rates, application conditions, operator and applicator certification and fertiliser composition information.

Full season-long support

The OMEX support services don’t stop after the delivery and application of fertiliser.  Full customer support is provided throughout the growth of the crop, with field staff available to inspect, investigate and report on any issues with the crop during the season.