Fertiliser Application

OMEX fertilisers are mainly liquid solutions or suspensions. They are sprayed onto the land rather than broadcast using spinning discs, which is usually the case for solid fertilisers.

One major advantage of liquid application is the accuracy with which it can be applied. This is particularly important as a safeguard to the environment and delivering maximum crop response.

Suspension Application Service

Suspension fertilisers are delivered from factory to field where they are loaded directly into sprayers for application.

The spraying operation demands specialist machines, capable of handling the high volume application of heavy suspensions through flood jets. The Equipment used is capable of spraying up to 200 hectares/day using 36 metre booms with nozzles, overlapping every 3 metres. Headland nozzle arrangements ensure that fertiliser is sprayed right up to, but not beyond, field boundaries.

OMEX application contractors follow a strict Code of Practice. In-field product checks are carried out and on-board computers continuously monitor the application rate to confirm that the correct rate of fertiliser is applied over the whole field. 

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