The main purpose of a biological wastewater treatment plant is to break down waste organics. Micro-organisms metabolise the soluble pollution, producing carbon dioxide, water and more micro-organisms (sludge).

The performance of a biological system is highly dependent on the microbial strains present and in many cases the biological population in an effluent treatment plant is not ideally adapted to cope with variations in loading and composition and therefore unable to provide optimum performance.

OMEX offers the Micromex EU Range, a range of bio augmentation solutions designed to optimise the biological activity in aerobic wastewater treatment plants, individually tailored for all types of effluent.

Key benefits

  • Available as powders or ready packaged sachets.
  • Ability to target specific pollutants.
  • Optimal COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) and BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) removal.


Micromex Range

OMEX offers the Micromex range of solutions designed to optimise biological activity in aerobic...