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Hydrogen sulphide removal with a NEW iron powder product from OMEX Environmental Ltd

OMEX Environmental Ltd are proud to present a NEW range of non-hazardous products for the anaerobic industry to minimise hydrogen sulphide levels in the fermenter. Biogas can often contain hydrogen sulphide which needs to be removed to avoid odour and corrosion issues occurring which can cause structural damage to the fermenter, the CHP engines and reduce the performance … Continue reading Hydrogen sulphide removal with a NEW iron powder product from OMEX Environmental Ltd

OMEX to attend BioCycle East Coast 17

OMEX Environmental Ltd are pleased to be attending Biocycle East Coast 17 conference in April in Baltimore. This event will be covering topics such as composting, organics recycling, anaerobic digestion, food recovery and recycling. OMEX will be presenting their range of micronutrient and biological solutions for the anaerobic digestion market. These include products to maximise the … Continue reading OMEX to attend BioCycle East Coast 17

Introducing Nutromex® Biopack

OMEX are proud to announce the release of their new micronutrient powder product for the anaerobic digestion and biogas market, Nutromex® Biopack. A unique formulation of bio-available trace elements and specially selected bacteria, Nutromex® Biopack supplements the existing microbial population within an anaerobic plant thereby improving overall plant functionality. Nutromex® Biopack is available in easy … Continue reading Introducing Nutromex® Biopack

Analysis Spring 2016 Newsletter

The latest issue of OMEX Analysis newsletter is here. In this season’s issue, read about why 2 established farmers converted to liquid, and find out the latest OMEX product trial results. Click here to download the PDF:  Analysis Spring 2016

OMEX becomes UK distributor of DSM enzymes solutions

As well as their range of trace element additives, OMEX are pleased to announce they are now the UK distributor for DSM Biogas. DSM Biogas develop enzymes solutions for biogas application in order to improve the efficiency of fermentation, mainly of fiber rich substrates (MethaPlus L100) or more substantial cereal based fiber substrates, in biogas … Continue reading OMEX becomes UK distributor of DSM enzymes solutions

Septicity Control from OMEX

Septicity Control from Omex Omex Environmental extend their septicity control range with their new Calcium Nitrate solution, Anomex 76. Roughly 96% of the UK population is connected by sewers leading to sewage treatment works, small private treatment works, cesspits or septic tanks. Sewage is generated by residential, institutional, commercial and industrial establishments. It includes household waste liquid … Continue reading Septicity Control from OMEX