Concrete Admixtures

Anomex Ca is a calcium nitrate solution developed for the construction industry as a multi-purpose concrete admixture which isused as a concrete setting accelerator even in cold temperatures. Calcium increases the rate of early hydration of the concrete, thus, a speedier setting time and strength development of the concrete is achieved.

It also works to prevent corrosion in reinforced concrete by forming an oxide protective layer around the steel reinforcement which helps to strengthen and increase the lifetime of the structure.

Another advantage of Anomex Ca is that it counterbalances the retardation effect which can be created by other admixtures such as plasticizers and superplasticizers.

Key benefits

  • Ability to cast concrete in extremely cold temperatures
  • Prevent corrosion in reinforced concrete
  • Shorter setting time
  • Counterbalance of retardation process due to other admixtures


Anomex Ca Range

The Anomex Ca range are calcium nitrate liquid solutions supplied in bulk as concrete additives.