Although many domestic snow and ice clearance problems can be addressed with salt based products, industrial situations require a more specialised, non-corrosive deicer solution. OMEX manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of non-corrosive deicing products. This selection of non-hazardous, non-toxic materials includes everything from liquid deicer for roads and bridges, to solid granular deicers for use in areas with limited access and spreading issues.

Advanced manufacturing of non-corrosive deicer

The strict quality control procedures applied by OMEX during production mean that all non-corrosive deicing products offer unrivalled performance in even the harshest winter conditions with minimal damage.

By satisfying industry standard compliance requirements and continually refining manufacturing methods, OMEX has been able to develop products suitable for specific environments.

Typical Applications

For aviation and rail facilities, liquid road deicers are most widely used, thanks to their ease and speed of application and action, with no loss of accuracy on larger areas, like airport runways.

A varied choice of applicators for liquid deicers is available, from simple backpack sprayers, to larger, manually-powered, or towed sprayers and bespoke self-propelled sprayers.

Solid granular deicers can also be applied easily and accurately, in areas where conventional salt based products could cause structural or ecological damage.

Delivery of non-corrosive deicing products

OMEX non-corrosive deicers are available in several different pack sizes, to suit a variety of industrial and outdoor applications.

From 10-litre drums to 1000-litre IBC containers which are supplied safely and securely, to tanker delivery for larger bulk volumes, clean and simple handling is assured.

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Cryotech NAAC®

A prilled non-corrosive deicer.


A glycol based deicer used in airports.


A granular non-corrosive deicer.

Isomex 1

A conventional liquid deicer popular in civil and military airports.

Isomex 3

A potassium acetate liquid deicer which offers longer holdover.


Maintaining safe conditions for railway customers is vital throughout the winter.