Fertiliser Spraying

Liquid fertiliser spraying offers a number of advantages over alternative methods of application, including:

  • A high degree of accuracy – particularly around field margins, avoiding hedges and pathways
  • Application in dry weather conditions unsuitable for granular solids
  • Subsequent heightened environmental benefits

Throughout the UK, thousands of farmers already rely on OMEX’s expertise and high-performance liquid fertiliser products in gaining the best possible crop sprayer results in terms of resource conservation and crop yield.

For example, our Nitroflo range of products – a super concentrated liquid nitrogen fertiliser range – can be used with most existing agricultural sprayers, with no need to invest in costly specialist equipment.

A few minutes is all it takes to convert incumbent crop sprayers to apply liquid nitrogen fertiliser, via the application of appropriate streamer bars or jets.

Another advantage of using liquid fertiliser with a crop sprayer is the retention of accuracy levels in adverse weather conditions such as wind and dampness, especially in comparison to traditional solid spreading.

Coupled with the ease and cleanliness of reloading the crop sprayer – no heavy bags to lift – liquid fertiliser spraying is a hassle-free, single person job, meaning farmers can divert staff resources to other areas of their operations with no reduction in productivity or profit.

Contact us to discuss your liquid fertiliser and crop sprayer requirements or browse our available products below.



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