Liquid Fertilisers

More efficient fertiliser

Liquid fertiliser is easy to store, simple to apply, and can be targeted with an accuracy that traditional solid fertiliser just can’t match. More and more agricultural producers are turning to the efficiency of liquid fertiliser, saving time, money and manpower. 

OMEX is one of the UK’s leading liquid fertiliser suppliers. Our liquid fertilisers, manufactured to the most stringent standards, are suitable for a wide range of agricultural applications. They come in three main categories:

Suspension fertilisers

Our highly adaptable liquid suspension fertilisers can be individually formulated to incorporate any combination of nutrients and are applied as a contract service.

Solution fertilisers

These effective clear liquid fertilisers include essentials like liquid nitrogen and sulphur compounds, plus a wide range of NPK compounds.

Foliar fertilisers and biostimulants

These highly concentrated liquid fertilisers are special nutrient formulations for use in a range of crop leaf applications.

Why choose a liquid fertiliser application?

Liquid fertiliser is efficient fertiliser. Easy storage and application and a reduction in waste save money and labour. Liquid fertiliser application can also improve the delivery of nutrients to soil and their availability to crops.

OMEX liquid fertilisers contain the same nutrient concentrations as solid or granular fertilisers but can be applied far more accurately over wider tramlines (up to 48m), helping to produce better yields of higher quality crops.

OMEX suspension fertilisers can be individually formulated for a wide range of applications, including cereals, oilseed rape, maize, potatoes and sugar beet. Application by contractor frees up farm labour. 

For more information on our wide range of efficient, effective liquid fertilisers, please explore the product pages below or contact a member of our expert team.


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