Solution Compound Fertilisers

OMEX NPK solution compound fertilisers are true compounds, ideal for use as a starter fertiliser using precision placement or subsoiler machinery.  

Every drop of liquid contains the complete analysis. OMEX solution compound fertilisers do not segregate, so every square centimetre of soil is guaranteed to receive the correct ratio of nitrogen, phosphate and potash.

The products can be applied as placement on potatoes, and used as a starter fertiliser for oilseed rape, pre and post drilling and pre-emergence with herbicides.

Most requirements can be supplied from a standard range of compounds.  OMEX can also offer a custom blending service for more exact specifications.

Liquid Placement

Placement of OMEX solution compound fertiliser on potatoes can increase yields by 10-15%.

The close positioning of fertiliser to the crop roots can have a significant efficiency benefits.  

Placement of solution fertilisers guarantees precision positioning.

Nutrients are fully dissolved offering rapid crop response, and handling is minimised - pumps carry out all the transfers without bags or waste.

Liquid nitrogen placed within vegetable rows results in more rapid and even establishment of transplants and provides prolonged nitrogen reponse for long-season crops.

Starter Fertiliser

Liquid nitrogen, with or without phosphate and PolymexTM, applied with cultivation drills or sub soilers, can significantly improve the establishment of crops such as maize and oilseed rape (see image opposite clearly showing a band without starter fertiliser).  
By adding some fully water soluble phosphate in the mix, solution compound fertilisers are accessible to the plant for early root development.

The application of low doses of nitrogen and phosphate helps early establishment, but does not remove the need to replace nutrients taken up throughout the whole life of the crop, otherwise soil reserves will be depleted.


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