Starter Fertilisers

Using OMEX liquids as starter fertilisers at the very beginning of the crop's growth cycle will help to ensure that it gets off to a good start.

For many crops including oilseed rape, potatoes and maize, an early start can help the crops emerge earlier and grow away from pests and disease.

The best way to do this is to place a starter fertiliser precisely where it is required, effectively creating a nutrient rich seedbed for the crop.

The image shows the results of applying 14-14-0 with a sub-soiler drill. The untreated strip has visibly less growth and vigour in both autumn and spring growth stages.

Advantages of OMEX Liquids As Starter Fertilisers

Starter fertilisers offer the most effective means of accurately placing nutrients with 100% solubility in the right place for the emerging seedling. 

  • Major saving in autumn nitrogen requirement of up to 75%
  • All of nitrogen captured by crop, reducing risk of leaching loss
  • Fully soluble phosphate
  • No dust, no blockages
  • Precise targeting of nutrients
  • Flexibility to work well within NVZ limits
  • Available with Polymex for enhanced P availability


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Solution Compound Fertiliser Range

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