Foliar & Speciality

Higher concentrations for better crops

OMEX develops and manufactures a complete range of high performance liquid foliar fertilisers, each designed to promote the most efficient uptake of nutrients through crop leaves. These speciality liquid fertilisers are packed with nutrients at far higher concentrations than normal foliar fertilisers, giving your crops the nutrition they need just when they need it.

Most of our foliar fertilisers are 100% water soluble, making them easy to apply by fertigation or foliar sprays, and are often tank mixed with ag-chem applications.

How are OMEX foliar fertilisers made?

Every one of our foliar fertilisers has been developed, refined and repeatedly tested by an expert technical team. We combine specially formulated gels with quality raw materials to create stable, highly effective foliar treatments.

Products are stringently tested throughout the development process, and finally investigated for leaf wetting and nutrient absorption inside OMEX’s dedicated biolab and controlled environment greenhouses. Only products that pass the stringent tests take their place in the OMEX foliar range.

To learn more about our speciality foliar fertilisers, and discover which of the comprehensive OMEX range you need, please explore the product categories below or contact a member of our expert team.



A high quality inorganic solution formulation containing nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, magnesium...

Bio 20

Bio 20 is a complete foliar nutrition solution from OMEX, containing a unique package of nutrients,...

Biomex Starter

OMEX Biomex Starter naturally promotes the health of crops. Added to soil, this effective...


An inorganic suspension containing calcium and a balanced ratio of nitrogen, magnesium and...

eba technology

Omex has reformulated its foliar product range to incorporate EBA ® technology – a revolutionary...

Folex B

An inorganic liquid formulation containing boron.

Folex Cu

An inorganic liquid formulation containing copper.

Folex K

An inorganic emulsion containing potassium and nitrogen.

Folex Mg

An inorganic liquid formulation containing magnesium and sulphur.

Folex N

An inorganic liquid formulation containing nitrogen.

Folex P

An inorganic liquid formulation containing phosphate and nitrogen.

Folex PZ

An inorganic liquid formulation containing phosphate with nitrogen and zinc.

Folex Se

An inorganic solution containing selenium.

Folex Zn

An inorganic liquid formulation containing zinc and sulphur.

Foliar Supreme

A highly concentrated suspension containing phosphate, potassium, and elemental sulphur.

Gard S

An organic liquid formulation of garlic extract containing sulphur, approved as a restricted input...

High N

A highly concentrated, fast acting foliar nitrogen with extra magnesium and a range of...


A concentrated inorganic formulation containing potassium carbonate.


An organic biostimulant containing concentrated extract of the kelp species Ecklonia maxima.


A formulation containing naturally occurring biostimulants with a unique natural activator.


An organic growth stimulant containing concentrated extract of kelp species Ecklonia maxima....


OMEX Kickstart is highly focused foliar nutrition designed to significantly improve root growth and...

Magnesium Plus

An inorganic liquid formulation containing magnesium, manganese, nitrogen and sulphur.

Manganese 17.5

An inorganic liquid formulation containing manganese and sulphur.


A water soluble suspension containing a balanced range of micronutrients.


An emulsifiable concentrate formulation designed to improve adhesion, deposition and penetration of...

Oilseed Extra

An inorganic liquid containing nitrogen, magnesium, sulphur, micronutrients and a biostimulant.

Organomex Range

A range of concentrated emulsion formulations containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and...


Polymex is a fertiliser additive that encourages phosphate uptake in young plants, helping crops...

Protein Plus, Protein Plus-S, OMEX Hypro®

Inorganic liquid formulations containing nitrogen or nitrogen and sulphur.

Quad 14

A concentrated suspension formulation containing nitrogen, phosphorus as phosphite, potassium and...


An inorganic liquid formulation containing nitrogen and sulphur. Sulphomex is suitable for foliar...


An inorganic liquid formulation containing manganese, magnesium, nitrogen and sulphur, SuperMn is a...

Superphite Plus

A water soluble formulation containing P as both phosphate (PO4) and phosphite (PO3), formulated...

SW7 (New Improved Formulation)

A silicon based non-ionic wetting and spreading agent, and source of silicon to the crop.


An inorganic formulation containing P as phosphite (PO3), formulated with potassium, manganese,...


Zynergy is a unique complex of copper and zinc. This specially formulated combination of highly...