Adjuvants improve uptake through the leaf of the products applied.

This might be by improving the wetting, spreading, and retention on the leaf; or by allowing the product to pass through the outer surface of the leaf more readily.

Therefore, adding an adjuvant can greatly help the efficiency and effectiveness of the foliar product.

Research by OMEX in association with the Technical University of Madrid and Bonn University has shown that the absorption through the wider leaf surfaces is greatly helped by wetting the whole surface rather the depositing large droplets.

Also by extending the drying time (humectancy) of the spray droplets, nutrients are able to move more easily through the cuticle when in solution.

The small extra cost of this additive can pay dividends in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of how foliar products penetrate the leaf and get into the plant’s system.



An emulsifiable concentrate formulation designed to improve adhesion, deposition and penetration of...

SW7 (New Improved Formulation)

A silicon based non-ionic wetting and spreading agent, and source of silicon to the crop.