Health Promoters

Health Promoters help a plant’s own defence mechanism to defend against pest and disease attack.

For example Green Cross stimulates healthy plant growth, so a sward treated with Green Cross is more vigorous and more resistant to disease attack.

Another example, Gard S is a pungent formulation of garlic. Although it is not a pesticide and has no pesticidal activity, the strong odour means soils and swards treated with Gard S are less attractive to earthworms, leather jackets and grazing animals.


Bio 20

Bio 20 is a complete foliar nutrition solution from OMEX, containing a unique package of nutrients,...

Biomex Starter

OMEX Biomex Starter naturally promotes the health of crops. Added to soil, this effective...

eba technology

Omex has reformulated its foliar product range to incorporate EBA ® technology – a revolutionary...

Magnesium Plus

An inorganic liquid formulation containing magnesium, manganese, nitrogen and sulphur.


A water soluble suspension containing a balanced range of micronutrients.

Quad 14

A concentrated suspension formulation containing nitrogen, phosphorus as phosphite, potassium and...


Zynergy is a unique complex of copper and zinc. This specially formulated combination of highly...