Market Sectors


OMEX is the UK leader in Total Crop Nutrition, offering contract applied suspension fertilisers, a wide range of precision solution fertilisers, organic fertilisers and a full range of foliar-applied super nutrients and biostimulants for all crops.


OMEX markets a range of foliar nutrients, health promoters and liquid fertilisers for turf, sports fields, and parks.  The range includes the market leading agricultural mosskiller, Ferromex.


OMEX supplies the construction industry with a range of concrete additives to speed up the setting of concrete even in very low temperatures.


Ice control products supplied by OMEX are concentrated liquids offering simple handling, rapid, accurate application and are cleaner and less corrosive than standard grit salt. A salt-free granule deicer is also available for easy application in difficult access areas.


With the Government’s new carbon reduction targets planned for 2020 OMEX has developed a range of Trace Element Additives, (TEAs) that are specially formulated to maximise biogas production and improve the overall bacterial performance of anaerobic digesters and biogas plants.


OMEX operates in the horticulture sector in the UK offering a complete nutrition and advisory service to growers in the ornamental, soft fruit and glasshouse salad segments.


Wastewater treatment is completed so that clean water can be returned to the water cycle. It is key in minimising environmental issues related to water usage and aids the sustainable use of water. OMEX develops and markets a range of nutrients and neutralisers for all types of wastewater treatment.