Renewable energy is a widely discussed topic in todays’ society and is an important factor in modern business. Industry is increasingly treating waste such as slurries and vegetable off-cuts through anaerobic digestion for the production of both biological fertilisers and constantly generated renewable energy in the form of biogas, which can either be used to reduce reliance on costly fossil fuels, or sold as electricity under Government incentive schemes.


It is rare for a digester to have the complete range of nutritional elements present for optimal bacterial growth. Shortages of specific micronutrients, which are critical components of enzyme systems in the bacteria, often occur. This can mean that the system does not run at full efficiency with a consequential loss of performance and output.


Bio-available micronutrient solution Nutromex TEA has been developed by OMEX in order to maximise the results of this process by providing and increasing essential elements in a fully bio-available form to ensure optimised health and efficiency of Anaerobic Digesters and Biogas plants.

In the long run, OMEXs Nutromex TEA helps plant operators to develop revenue streams and maximise return on investment through increased profits.