OMEX operates under registered quality standards including BSI 9001:2008 and Achilles Verify Qualifications ensuring consistently high operational procedures from sourcing raw materials, to manufacture, through to supply.


The quality management procedures ensure that the company adopts good environmental practice and operates in a sustainable manner. 

OMEX is committed to reducing environmental impact and continually improving environmental performance as an integral and fundamental part of business strategy and operating methods. 

Health And Safety

OMEX places a high priority on the Health and Safety of its staff, contractors, customers and members of the public. 

A comprehensive Health and Safety manual ensures that good safety practise is operated throughout the business. Regular safety meetings and safety inspections take place with independent Health and Safety consultants, covering all aspects of the business activities.

Continual Improvement

The Quality Policy Statement of OMEX clearly identifies objectives with regard to the quality of service provided for customers and the resources and action undertaken to ensure a programme of continual improvement.

Management reviews and internal audits are taken on a continual basis ensure that these objectives are met.