Service is at the heart of the OMEX offer. OMEX supply a complete treatment package from sample analysis of a wastewater treatment or biogas plants’ effluent to delivery of a custom made nutrient formulation, ensuring waste streams produced by Industrial treatment processes meet current consent parameters before discharge.



Dosing Units

A wide range of customised dosing systems from 1350 Litre to 15,000 Litre capacity sourced, commissioned and installed on site.

Onsite Trials

OMEX offers IBC Magmex trials units for lime/caustic replacement trials, as well as bulk trailer units.

Nutrient Profiling

OMEX can provide new and existing customers with a nutrient profiling service which assesses the correct nutrient dosage required in biological treatment systems.

Technical Support

Research and development for new products, nutrient profiling, sample analysis, 24/7 helpline, site visits to follow up on progress.

Sample Analysis

OMEX provides a complete nutritional analysis of influent, bio-sludge and effluent.