Dosing Units

OMEX supplies, commissions and installs dosing system units needed to dose Anomex; sodium nitrate and calcium nitrate solutions. These units come in a range of sizes from 2500 Litres to 15,000 Litres capacity and are custom designed for septicity dosing.

OMEX dosing units are designed to provide maximum ease of installation and maintenance for septicity control at pumping stations.


All that is required on site is a suitable flat surface or plinth, a power supply and a means of getting the dosing line to the wet well, incoming sewer or vacuum tank.

The standard unit has a 2,500 litre capacity and a dosing pump equipped with a fully programmable timer system to enable a range of dosing rates to be used throughout the day.


A site visit will ascertain dosing requirements in order to provide the optimum dosing system. The complete dosing systems are assembled at OMEXs' Kings Lynn factory and can be supplied with a commission fill of liquid Anomex solution.


Dependant on the tank address it can be added to a predictive delivery system, managed in the Kings Lynn Head Office, where regular deliveries will be made to ensure the dosing unit never runs out of product. Customers can also inform OMEX of any urgent chemical refill requests by email.

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