Active Fe

A non-hazardous iron powder product for the minimisation of hydrogen sulphide levels.

The Active Fe range of iron powders by OMEX Environmental, is a range of non-hazardous products supplied to the anaerobic industry for the minimisation of hydrogen sulphide levels in the fermenter.

Biogas can often contain hydrogen sulphide which needs to be removed to avoid odour and corrosion issues occurring which can cause structural damage to the fermenter, the CHP engines and reduce the performance of the biology. These high concentrations of dissolved H2S can be toxic to the microorganisms in the digestate, which can inhibit the production of biogas and cause its’ quality to deteriorate.

The presence of hydrogen sulphide in biogas makes it corrosive to metal parts. Iron is subject to surface attack, although not major corrosion. The effect on non-ferrous metals in components, such as pressure regulators, gas meters, valves and mountings, is much more serious as they are very quickly corroded.

How does Active Fe help?

It binds the hydrogen sulphide immediately during formation. Therefore allowing the AD process to occur uninhibited resulting in optimal biogas yields and methane content.


  • Easy to apply straight into the fermenter
  • Prevents against acidification
  • Non-hazardous compared to other iron products in the market
  • Fast results