Ferromex Range

The Ferromex range combats problems such as filamentous bulking and poor floc structure that can occur in the wastewater treatment industry.

Industrial Wastewater treatment often involves an activated sludge plant as part of the secondary treatment process. Unlike sewage treatment, an industrial effluent plant can often be deficient in nutrients.

The main micronutrients, Phosphorus and Nitrogen are often added to improve a plants microbial nutrition, however several micronutrients, such as Iron, are often forgotten which can give rise to periodic problems at the activated sludge plant. Problems such as filamentous bulking, pin flocs, poor floc structure and turbid effluent.

OMEXs product range of Ferromex 620 & 630 Series are designed to combat these problems. The Ferromex range are combinations of inorganic iron, complexed iron and bio-available trace elements created for activated sludge and other aerobic plants to improve a plants overall biological health.

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