Folex Cu

An inorganic liquid formulation containing copper.

Cereals, sugar beet, leeks and onions.

To correct micronutrient deficiency.

Pack Sizes
20, 1000 litres

Analysis w/w w/v
Copper (Cu) 5.1% 6.0%
Sulphur (SO3) 6.5% 7.5%


Function of Copper
Copper is a micronutrient which is involved in several enzyme systems and also in photosynthesis. It is not very mobile within the plant, particularly in deficient crops.

Copper is held strongly by soil organic matter and this can determine whether adequate copper is available for crop growth. Copper deficiency can have a serious effect on crop growth, quality and yield.

Copper Deficiency
Copper deficiency generally occurs in cereals. Sugar beet and onions may exhibit copper deficiency but this is very rare. Deficiency occurs in a few specific soil situations. It has been recorded on organic fen type soils, leached sandy soils, shallow organic chalk soils and poorly drained clay soils. Fields with a history of copper deficiency should be sprayed in spring before symptoms develop.


Use Folex Cu when deficiency is diagnosed or suspected on soils where conditions are likely to cause copper deficiency in the crop. Foliar uptake will be enhanced by the addition of NA13¹ unless already in tank mix with a pesticide.

Apply 1-2 l/ha, in a minimum of 200 l/ha water.

The spray tank should be filled with half the required water. If applicable, add the required amount of NA13 to the water before the Folex Cu. After shaking the container, measure the required amount of Folex Cu and add to the tank whilst maintaining constant agitation. Add remaining water to correct dilution and spray.


Do not apply in tank mix with pesticides when crop is showing deficiency symptoms, is under stress, or in adverse weather conditions.

¹ NA13 is an adjuvant designed to help with improved adhesion, deposition and penetration of the spray solution on the leaf surface. NA13 should be added at 0.1% of the spray volume, e.g. 100 ml in 100 litres of water. Maintain agitation and apply immediately after mixing.




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