Folex Zn

An inorganic liquid formulation containing zinc and sulphur.

A range of arable crops.

To correct micronutrient deficiency.

Pack Sizes
10, 1000 litres

Analysis w/w w/v
Sulphur (SO3) 13.8% 18.5%
Zinc (Zn) 11.0% 15.0%


Function of Zinc
Zinc is the most widely used micronutrient worldwide as it stimulates enzyme activity in the plant, particularly with photosynthesis.

Folex Zn is often used in conjunction with phosphate as high phosphate levels interfere with the uptake of zinc. Early application of foliar zinc during crop establishment can help boost establishment by aiding the production of natural growth stimulants by the plant.

Zinc Deficiency
Zinc deficiency affects a number of crops including onions, potatoes, maize, brassicas and sweetcorn. Deficiencies are normally associated with high pH sandy soils and where there are high levels of phosphate.


Use Folex Zn when zinc deficiency is diagnosed or suspected. Foliar uptake will be enhanced by the addition of NA13¹ unless already in tank mix with a pesticide.

Apply 1-2 l/ha, in a minimum of 200 l/ha water.

The spray tank should be filled with half the required water. If applicable, add the required amount of NA13 to the water before the Folex Zn. Measure the required amount of Folex Zn and add to the tank whilst maintaining constant agitation. Add remaining water to correct dilution and spray


Do not apply in tank mix with pesticides when crop is showing deficiency symptoms, is under stress, or in adverse weather conditions.

¹ NA13 is an adjuvant designed to help with improved adhesion, deposition and penetration of the spray solution on the leaf surface. NA13 should be added at 0.1% of the spray volume, e.g. 100 ml in 100 litres of water. Maintain agitation and apply immediately after mixing.




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