Foliar High N Extra

A high quality foliar feed containing three sources of nitrogen and a range of secondary and micro nutrients.

Rootzone nitrogen is prone to rapid movement beyond the relatively shallow rooting area into the subsoil, especially under high irrigation or heavy rainfall. It can also become immobilised, particular in rootzones with high levels of thatch.

Applying targeted, foliar applications of nitrogen avoids the risk of losses via the soil and provide rapid response and green-up.

High N Extra is a particularly useful product for a regular nitrogen boost or for areas which are subject to stress due to weather or rootzone conditions, containing 3 sources of nitrogen and a range of secondary and micronutrients. It leaves no residues on treated greens and offers rapid stripe-free fertiliser application with normal sprayers and can be tank-mixed to save more time. 

When to use How much to use Comments
When nitrogen is required 0.2 litres/green, 5 litres/ha Repeat as required to maintain


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