Foliar Iron

Foliar Iron is a high quality foliar feed, it is used as a rapid greening agent to improve turf colour.

A unique stabilised iron complex which provides a quick green-up of turf without over stimulation of growth and without wheel marks or blackening.

Foliar iron mixes instantly with water and is ideal for use at any time when turf is in need of a green-up boost and in the Autumn will harden the turf and strengthen it against disease. It is used as a rapid greening agent to improve turf colour prior to events without the risk of scorch associated with simple iron sulphate.

Foliar iron is also leaf-fast once dry, minimising the risk of foot travel and unwanted sward staining also associated with iron sulphate application.

When to use How much to use Comments
Throughout spring and summer 1.0 litre/green, 20 litres/ha Also used an autumn hardener


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