General Purpose 17-9-9

General Purpose 17-9-9 is part of the Value turf nutrition range, which encompasses a range of bulk liquid fertilisers supplied in 1,000 litre containers, reducing packaging and disposal costs and simplifying stocking and handling.

General Purpose 17-9-9 contains a high level of nitrogen plus maintenance amounts of phosphate and potash.

It is ideal for nitrogen top-dressing, where regular doses of phosphate and potash are required.

17-9-9 is suitable for application in a wide range of turf situations and it provides nutrient via both foliar and root uptake. 

When to Use How Much to Use Comments
For N application with P and K 50-200 litres/ha Divide kg,ha N required by 0.17 for litres,ha


For further information, please contact your local OMEX representative.


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