Green Cross

Tried and tested on turf and crops all over the world, Green Cross is a highly effective, super concentrated foliar nutrient, which stimulates healthy plant growth without adversely affecting root zone mycorrhizal fungi.

Green Cross boosts the natural defence mechanisms in turf to provide natural resistance to a range of diseases including Fusarium, Dollar Spot, Pythium, Powdery Mildew, Botrytis, Phytopthora and a range of other bacterial diseases.

Green Cross differs from conventional foliar fertilisers because in addition to nitrogen, potash and micronutrients, it contains the active ingredient, phosphite.

Phosphite has unique benefits for plants. When applied to turf it stimulates healthy growth, which increase turf resistance to disease and reduces the need for fungicides.

Although Green Cross contains phosphorus it is not a conventional P-fertiliser. It doesn’t act as a phosphate nutrient and does not increase soil P levels, simply acting directly on the plant through foliar uptake.

Application of Green Cross results in a healthy, vigorous sward which is more resistant to disease attack.

Since it is not a fungicide Green Cross can be applied by any operators, without a requirement for certification and it is ideal for applications where golf courses and sports pitches are attempting to reduce their reliance on pesticides. 

When to use How much to use          Comments
When health boost required                                 150 ml /green,  3 litres/ha                           Apply every 3-4 weeks to maintain health. Add NA13 at 0.1% of spray volume for improved uptake and rain fastness.


For further information please contact your local OMEX representative.


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