Isomex 1

A conventional liquid deicer popular in civil and military airports.

Commonly used as a runway deicer by many of the leading civil and military airport authorities in the UK and Europe, Isomex 1 liquid deicer has been relied on by numerous organisations for over 20 years.

It’s conventional but extremely effective composition of 50 percent potassium acetate offers superior deicing performance, compared to similar and alternative products.

Plane sitting on a wintery runway

Features of Isomex 1 non-corrosive deicer

As expected of a leading runway deicer, Isomex 1 is fully approved and accredited in line with the latest aerospace industry standards, including AMS1435C.

It is equally effective as a concentrated liquid deicer for bridges and roads and railway platforms and pavements, and offers excellent ice control properties compared to other acetate deicers.

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