An organic biostimulant containing concentrated extract of the kelp species Ecklonia maxima.

Most agricultural and horticultural crops, including combinable crops, legumes, potatoes, sugar beet, vegetables, bulbs, fruit, a wide range of horticultural crops and grassland.

To enhance root growth which improves crop establishment leading to higher yield and better quality.

Kelpak also helps to increase plant tolerance to abiotic stress, improves pollen germination, and fruit set.

Pack Sizes
5, 25, 1050 litres

Kelpak is a kelp concentrate which is manufactured using a unique cell-burst process without heat, chemical digestion or dehydration. This patented process ensures maximum retention of the auxins and cytokinins found in this species of kelp. Kelpak also contains a wide range of nutrients, vitamins and amino acids.

The combination of plant growth regulating hormones impact upon plants in different ways according to the plant growth stage and condition. Auxins and phlorotannins improve root growth; polyamines help to reduce the impact and symptoms of abiotic stress and brassinosteroids promote pollen tube elongation resulting in better fruit set.

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Apply 1.5-3 l/ha for most crops, 3-4 l/ha for potatoes, in a minimum of 200 l/ha water.

The spray tank should be filled with half the required
water. After shaking the container, measure the required amount of Kelpak and add to the tank whilst maintaining constant agitation. Add remaining water to correct dilution and spray.


Notes on Compatibility

Do not tank mix with cytokinin products as this will negate the benefit of auxin stimulation. Do not tank mix with copper based fungicides. For further information on compatibility and tank mixing, and for physical compatibility with pesticides refer to the website

Organic Crops – Kelpomex
For growers of certified organic crops there is a specific organic approved formulation available; Kelpomex, see the website for details.


Being rich in auxins, Kelpak produces exceptional root growth following application, which in turn produces a flush of healthy top growth.

Greenkeepers routinely apply Kelpak to encourage vigorous root growth, improving the uptake of nutrients and resisting stress, especially those caused by root diseases.

Regular application maintains a vibrant and healthy sward with less need for application of fungicides and other chemical treatments. 

When to use How much to use Comments
When root growth required 50ml/green, 1 litres/ha Repeat 3-4 weeks later if required



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