An organic growth stimulant containing concentrated extract of kelp species Ecklonia maxima. Approved as an unrestricted input by the Soil Association.

All agricultural and horticultural crops including combinable crops, legumes, potatoes, sugar beet, vegetables, bulbs and grassland.

To enhance root growth which improves crop establishment leading to higher yield and better quality. Kelpomex helps to increase plant tolerance to abiotic stress.

Pack Sizes
5, 25 litres

Kelpomex is a kelp concentrate which is manufactured using a unique cell-burst process without heat, chemical digestion or dehydration. This patented process ensures maximum retention of the auxins and cytokinins found in this species of kelp.

Kelpomex also contains a wide range of nutrients, vitamins and amino acids.


Apply as directed in the Technical Information.

Usually applied as 2-10 ml/l (2-3 l/ha for most crops) in 200-1000 l/ha water.

The spray tank should be filled with half the required water.  After shaking the container, measure the required amount of Kelpomex and add to the tank whilst maintaining constant agitation.  Add remaining water to correct dilution and spray.  Adjust pH of spray solution to less than 7 if necessary.

For further information on agricultural application timing and rates, please refer to the Kelpomex Technical Information PDF.



Do not tank mix with cytokinin products as this will negate the benefit of auxin stimulation.

Do not tank mix with copper based fungicides.

For further information on tank mixing, refer to the OMEX Product Compatibility Guide.


For further information on timing and application rates for horticultural crops, please refer to the Kelpomex Technical Information for Horticulture PDF.


HORTICULTURE - foliar products for horticulture

AMENITY - foliar products for turf and amenity





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