Nitroflo Range

Liquid nitrogen for stronger growth

OMEX supplies a complete range of Nitroflo nitrogen fertilisers, some of the most concentrated liquid nitrogen fertilisers available in the UK. Efficient liquid nitrogen application offers major advantages in terms of crop quality, farming efficiency and sustainable agriculture. Find out more about our comprehensive range.

Nitroflo 30

Nitroflo 30, the UK’s most concentrated liquid nitrogen fertiliser, provides crops with prolonged, even growth and helps to ensure consistent crop quality.  The nitrogen source in Nitroflo is UAN – 50% from urea and 50% from ammonium nitrate.

Nitroflo 30+Didin

Didin®  is a unique nitrogen stabiliser which controls nitrogen release and allows growers to meet a crop’s complete nitrogen requirement in a single application, saving time and resources. Nitroflo 30+Didin® is a complete nitrogen fertiliser solution with minimal environmental impact.

Nitroflo 28+S

A combination of concentrated nitrogen and 2.5% available sulphur ideal for top dressing where regular applications of sulphur are required.

Nitroflo 26+S

A combination of concentrated nitrogen and 5% available sulphur for top dressing sulphur-responsive crops in the spring during periods of rapid growth. The sulphur is fully dissolved, ensuring simple and accurate application.

Nitroflo 24+S

A high performance liquid nitrogen fertiliser with 7.5% of sulphur from sulphate. 

Nitroflo 22+S

Containing nitrogen and 10% sulphate sulphur, Nitroflo 22+S is ideal for application on crops requiring higher amounts of sulphur, such as oilseed rape and grassland

Nitroflo 20+S

Liquid fertiliser with 12.5% of sulphur specially formulated for sulphur deficient areas and crops with a high sulphur demand, like oilseed rape. The sulphur source is sulphate.

Nitroflo 15+S

Equal parts 15% nitrogen and 15% sulphate sulphur make this liquid fertiliser ideal for first nitrogen application on oilseed rape.












Nitroflo 30 30%   1.30 39%   390kg N/1000 litre
Nitroflo 30+Didin 30%   1.30 39%   390kg N/1000 litre + Didin
Nitroflo 28+S 28% 2.5% 1.29 36% 3.2% 361kg N 32kg SO3/1000 litre
Nitroflo 26+S 26% 5% 1.28 33.5% 6.4% 335kg N 64kg SO3/1000 litre
Nitroflo 24+S 24% 7.5% 1.26 30% 9.5% 300kg N 95kg SO3/1000 litre
Nitroflo 22+S 22% 10% 1.27 28% 13% 280kg N 127kg SO3/1000 litre
Nitroflo 20+S 20% 12.5% 1.23 25% 15.5% 250kg N 155kg SO3/1000 litre
Nitroflo 15+S 15% 15% 1.22 18% 18% 180kg N 180kg SO3/1000 litre

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