Nutromex TEA Range

A range of bio available micronutrient supplements created for the anaerobic digester market.

These Trace Element Additives provide a wide range of essential trace elements, in a form fully bio-available in anaerobic conditions, to optimise system performance. The enhanced bio availability (eba™) of Nutromex TEA is the key to its proven performance.

Nutromex TEA contains essential trace elements such as iron, nickel, cobalt, manganese, zinc, copper, molybdenum and selenium which are critical for the successful operation in anaerobic conditions and for correct bacterial growth.

Nutromex TEA 310

This most popular product is the standard recommendation which can be dosed directly into the feed.

If Nutromex TEA 310 doesn’t meet the exact needs of the microorganisms, then OMEX will analyse the influent and effluent and customise an appropriate formulation.

OMEX can predict the outcome of TEA addition by using an AMPTS machine (Automatic Methane Potential Test System) to assess methane generating potential of the feedstock.

Nutromex TEA products are available in 10L, 20L, 210L and 1000L containers.

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