Outfield 19-0-10

Outfield 19-0-10 is part of the Value turf nutrition range, which encompasses a range of bulk liquid fertilisers supplied in 1,000 litre containers, reducing packaging and disposal costs and simplifying stocking and handling.

Outfield 19-0-10 contains nitrogen and potash and is ideal for feeding a wide range of turf situations, from greens and tees to sportsfields and parkland.

Removal of clipping removes large amounts of potassium which if not replaced can lead to a rundown of soil potassium levels.

Applying nitrogen and potash ensures potassium levels are maintained and regular use will build potassium reserves if they have been allowed to fall.

When to Use How Much to Use Comments
For N and K application 50-200 litres/ha Divide kg/ha N required by 0.19 for l/ha


For further information, please contact your local OMEX representative.


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