P-Phite Turf

P-Phite Turf is a highly effective, high performance foliar nutrient which is radically different from conventional foliar fertilisers.

It contains phosphorus in both phosphate and phosphite forms, with potassium, magnesium, manganese and zinc.

As well as providing well known nutritional benefits, P-Phite Turf increases vigour and stimulates plant health.

The addition of organic biostimulants improves nutrient uptake and stimulates root action. Benefits include the improved uptake of cations (e.g. Ca, Mg, Mn) and their increased mobility within the plant.

Phosphite has further benefits for plants. When applied to turf it stimulates healthy growth, reducing the need for fungicides and increasing the turf resistance to disease. P-Phite Turf, with it’s unique blend of phosphite and phosphate, supplies a low level of plant-available phosphate, enough to feed the root growth triggered by the phosphite ingredients but not enough to increase the soil P levels.

Application of P-Phite Turf results in a healthy, vigorous sward which resists disease attack. Since P-Phite Turf is not a fungicide it can be applied by any operators, without a requirement for certification and it is ideal for applications where courses are attempting to reduce their reliance on pesticides. 

Should disease become established on turf it is now possible to further boost sward health with application of Green Cross, a foliar nutrient based on bio-active forms of zinc and copper, which boost the plant’s natural ability to shrug-off disease.

When to Use How Much to Use Comments
For improved turf health 150 ml/green, 3 litres/ha Apply every 3-4 weeks.  Add NA13 at 0.1% of spray volume for improved uptake and rain fastness.


For further information, pleaes contact your local OMEX representative.  




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