Suspension Fertilisers For Vegetables

Vegetable growers need to demonstrate that their production process can be fully traced and that all inputs are fully justified. OMEX recognises the need for tailor-made precision from fertiliser application and have unique traceability systems in place.

Quality Raw Materials

The precise suspension formulations for vegetables are made from high quality raw materials, to ensure maximum yield and crop quality and the accuracy of application ensures these benefits follow through to quality produce.

Accurate And Flexible

All OMEX application contractors follow a strict Code of Practice to ensure consistent and reliable nutrient delivery to the soil. In-field product checks are carried out and on-board computers continuously monitor the application rate to confirm that the correct rate of fertiliser is applied over the whole field. Machinery is checked and calibrated regularly, in addition to the industry standard NSTS certification that is accredited to all OMEX sprayers.

OMEX suspension recommendations for vegetables are based on thorough soil analysis, having recognised that high fertiliser rates and residues from double-cropping can result in significant reserves of soil nutrients. Following soil analysis, specific suspension formulations are made and accurately applied to growers requirements.

Suspensions for vegetables can contain micronised sulphur, providing a crop-available source of sulphur in the seedbed or prior to planting out for increased convenience and optimal crop response and flavour. The flexibility of suspensions means that sodium can also be included for vegetable crops, where trials have shown significant yield increases following the use of sodium on cabbage and kale and molybdenum can also
be included to reduce the risk of whiptail on responsive soils.

Potassium For Quality 

Potassium is available from sulphate of potash, as well as the standard form of muriate of potash, both formulated from fine powdered sources for enhanced availability and even application and sulphate of potash has been shown to improve storage characteristics of white cabbage.

Just In Time

Growing vegetables often involves last minute decisions on which fields to plant, based on market, soil, logistics and weather factors. The OMEX suspension service provides the flexibility needed to cope with these requirements. The fertiliser is often made on the day of application so there is no need to stock a range of fertiliser analyses on farm to cover all the field and cropping requirements on the farm, a simple telephone call to the OMEX contractor the day before the application is needed is all that is required.







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