Suspension fertilisers

OMEX suspension fertilisers can contain almost any mix of nutrients, made to order for individual field or crop requirements. The nutrients are suspended so that they do not separate or segregate, giving a totally even coating of nutrients throughout the field, right up to the margins.

Suspension fertilisers explained

OMEX suspension fertilisers are thixotropic liquids, which means they remain gelled when static and are fully flowable when pumped.

Nutrients are mixed and suspended with a complex suspending agent, ensuring complete homogeneity throught delivery and application.

Because suspensions are true compound fertilisers, each droplet contains the full analysis of the product, including trace amounts of micronutrients.

Any mix of nutrients can be made to order at no extra cost, with a minimum order quantity starting at around just 6 tonnes, or a field as small as 3 hectares.

Suspensions are an ideal way to tailor nutrients following soil testing to precisely provide the right level of each key nutrient for maximum yield potential and efficiency.



Due to the consistency and density of the product, OMEX suspensions are usually applied by a dedicated team of highly experienced specialist contractors at a rate of up to 350 hectares per day, using 36m booms plus GPS guidance and steering.

As with all OMEX liquid fertilisers, accuracy is key.  Special headland nozzles ensure that the fertiliser is sprayed right up to the field boundaries and no further.

The application rate is controlled by conventional spray controllers relative to ground speed, ensuring the correct fertiliser rate is applied throught the field.

Once a farmer places an order with OMEX, all the logistics of the delivery and application are taken care of, ensuring that the application is timely, accurate and simple for the farm business.

OMEX deliver straight from the factory to the field, where the contractor rapidly loads the sprayer directly from the delivery tanker for immidate application.



Suspension fertilisers are ideal for many different crops and soils.  For more information on suspensions for a particular crop, please see below for more information, or contact your local OMEX representative for details.

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