A unique foliar fertiliser containing highly available phosphorus zinc and manganese. Improves plant health and disease resistance, increases fruit set and yield, and promotes root development.

A highly concentrated water soluble formulation containing P as both phosphate (PO4) and phosphite 
(PO3), formulated with potassium, manganese, and zinc.



Protected edibles, field vegetables and fruit crops.


To boost growth and apply essential nutrients in a single application.

Pack Sizes

5, 10, 1000 litres


Analysis     w/w w/v
Phosphate   P2O5 37.00% 61.00%
- Water soluble     16.00% 26.40%
- Phosphite     21.00% 34.70%
Potassium   K2O 25.00% 41.25%
Zinc EDTA Zn 2000 mg/kg 3000 mg/l
Manganese EDTA Mn 2000 mg/kg 3000 mg/l

A unique foliar nutrient which supplies plant stimulating phosphite along with phosphate, potassium and trace elements chelated in a unique way to improve plant health and tolerance of abiotic stress.


Observed Benefits

  • Improved plant health leading to better tolerance to stress
  • Improved rooting action
  • Increased yield
  • Post harvest quality enhancements and higher solid content
  • Improved foliar uptake of cations (e.g. K, Ca, Mg, Mn)


Use pHortify as directed below. Apply 2-4 ml/l water (2-4 l/ha), in 200-1000 l/ha water.

The spray tank should be filled with half the required water. After shaking the container, measure the required amount of pHortify and add to the tank whilst maintaining constant agitation. Add remaining water to correct dilution and spray.


Crop Timing Rate l/ha Rate ml/l Comments
Protected Edibles 7 - 10 days after planting 2 2-4 Use the lower rate on lettuce and leafy salads.  Repeat after 10-14 days
Field Vegetables From 2-4 true leaves 2-4   Repeat after 10-14 days.  Use the higher rate in difficult growing conditions
Soft Fruit From green bud 2-4 2-4 Repeat at 10-14 day intervals
Tree Fruit Petal fall 4   Repeat after 10-14 days if required





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