Biomex Starter

OMEX Biomex Starter naturally promotes the health of crops. Added to soil, this effective biostimulant encourages growth and improves yields. At the same time, associated beneficial bacterial growth protects plant roots from disease and stress.

Biomex Starter works by colonising the roots of growing plants with spores of highly beneficial Bacillus amyloliquefaciens. The bacteria both protects the plant from pathogens and secretes compounds that increase its uptake of nutrients. 


Biomex Starter is an effective health promoter for potatoes, protected edibles, hardy nursery stock, soft and tree fruit, and turf. 

Biomex Starter uses naturally occurring bacteria to increase disease resistance and plant vitality in agriculture, horticulture and amenity management settings.

Pack Size
1 litre

A natural water based liquid containing 2.5x1010 cfu/ml (colony forming units per ml) spores of the strain FZB42 Bacillus amyloliquefaciens. 


Biomex Starter works by colonising the roots of the growing plant with spores of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens. The colonies shield the plant roots from pathogenic fungal attack, and secrete compounds in the vicinity of the root hairs that help to increase availability and uptake of nutrients, resulting in  the following effects being observed:

1. Improved germination
2. Improved rooting leading to increased plant vigour
3  Resulting in Earlier bulking
4. Reduced disease intensity and frequency due to out-competing soil pathogens
5. Giving Improved yields

The benefits of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens are likely be reduced in soils with high humus content or naturally high microbial activity because of the higher levels of Bacillus already present in the soil.

Neither phytotoxic nor phytopathogenic effects have been observed in greenhouse and field trials.

Biomex Starter is suitable for mixing with placed liquid fertiliser or in-furrow application on potatoes or and seedbed application on carrots. Efficacy will be optimised when soil temperatures exceed 10°C.

Shake the bottle before use. Apply the spray solution within 8 hours of mixing.

Soil Application

For potatoes, apply with in-furrow application equipment to ensure placement in close proximity to the seed potato or add to placed liquid fertiliser.

For carrots, it is only necessary to treat the soil surrounding the seed, so banded application is acceptable. It is not suitable for overall application. 

For horticultural use, Biomex Starter may be used as a root dip or soil drench.

Crop Timing Rate l/ha Comments
Carrots Immediately before or after drilling 1 Apply by banded application over drilled area
Potatoes - soil application During planting 0.5 - 1

Apply to tubers and soil surrounding tubers.

Use the higher rate when planting 
in beds.



Soil Application Guidelines

1. Biomex Starter can be applied with liquid placement fertiliser. This is the easiest application method and requires no additional equipment or adaptations. Dilute 0.5-1 litre of Biomex Starter in the volume of liquid fertiliser required per hectare. Maintain agitation and apply within 8 hours of mixing.

2. Alternatively, Biomex Starter can be applied using an in-furrow fungicide applicator. If Biomex Starter is being applied alone, there is no requirement to avoid application directly to the seed tubers, and it would be possible to replace the normal dual nozzle system with a single, larger aperture nozzle to reduce the risk of blockages. Dilute 0.5-1 litre Biomex Starter in 25-50l/ha water. Maintain agitation, apply within 8 hours of mixing.

3. While some growers have co-applied Biomex 
Starter with fungicides successfully through in-
furrow applicators, applications are made at the grower’s own risk. In systems where the product is applied pre-dispersed with water and those with low volume electric pumps, increasing the viscosity of  the mixture by high loading with azoxystrobin, for example and Biomex Starter will increase the risk of blockages, especially if the machine is left idle and the mixture is not agitated.

It is recommended to use systems with direct chemical injection and/or higher volume hydraulic pumps, which dose the concentrated Biomex Starter during application or maintain high levels of agitation. The ideal solution is a twin delivery direct injection system, with separate nozzles so that the materials are applied in tandem rather than in a mixture.

4. With in-furrow applicators, where the material is 
pre-mixed with water, it is essential to provide agitation to the tank, and to take care only to mix and apply the correct quantities so that material is not left standing in the tank or spray lines. 


The formulation is stable for more than three years at 20°C. It should be kept fully sealed and protected from freezing during storage. Do not store or use opened packages in subsequent seasons.



For further information on timong and application rates please refer to the Biomex Starter Technical Information for Horticulture PDF

Turf and Amenity

Biomex Starter is a suspension of spores of the bacteria Bacillus amyloliquefacians which, when applied to soil, leads to the rapid development of a healthy network of microbial growth in the soil, which can help grass roots become less susceptible to pathogen attack due to improved soil health.

Plants grown in soil treated with Biomex Starter have shown improved germination and rooting, increased vigour and health and reduced disease incidence.

Biomex colonises the roots of the turf, making it more difficult for pathogens to infect the roots and helping solubilise minerals in the soil to make them available for uptake. 

When to use How much to use Comments
Prior to applying nitrogen 25ml/green, 0.5 litres/ha Apply to boost soil health






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