CalMax Ultra

CalMax Ultra contains calcium in conjunction with a ‘pump primer’ that ensures the calcium can be actively transported into plant cells even during the difficult periods of low metabolic activity and stress.

Calmax Ultra is an inorganic suspension containing calcium and a balanced ratio of nitrogen, magnesium and micronutrients, formulated with AXM to signifcantly improve calcium uptake.

CalMax Ultra is chloride free, making it an ideal foliar calcium source.


Most horticultural crops including protected edibles, soft fruit and tree fruit.  

Use on turf to overcome temporary calcium shortage, and to improve cell wall strength.


Analysis w/w w/v
Nitrogen (N) 9.6% 14.5%
Calcium (CaO) 14.5% 21.8%
Magnesium (MgO) 1.9% 2.9%
Mangenese (Mn EDTA) 970 mg/kg 1460 mg/l
Iron (Fe EDTA) 490 mg/kg 730 mg/l
Boron 490 mg/kg 730 mg/l
Copper (Cu EDTA) 390 mg/kg 580 mg/l
Zinc (Zn EDTA) 190 mg/kg 290 mg/l
Molybdenum 10 mg/kg 15 ml/l



CalMax Ultra is a unique formulation containing calcium and AXM, which acts as a ‘pump primer’ to ensure calcium is effectively transported into plant cells even during periods of low metabolic activity.

The increased leaf and fruit calcium allows for longer storage life and less risk of physical damage as well as a greater resilience to physiological breakdown.


Use CalMax Ultra as directed in the Technical Information, usually in 200-1000 l/ha water.

The spray tank should be filled with half the required water. After shaking the container, measure the required amount of CalMax Ultra and add to the tank whilst maintaining constant agitation. Add remaining water to correct dilution and spray.


CalMax Ultra can be applied immediately before applying nitrogen to turf, helping it use the nitrogen effectively and improving turf health and stress resistance.

Normally, when nitrogen is applied to turf, the grass takes the nitrogen up in preference to calcium, producing lush growth, but susceptible to disease and prone to damage, leading to short-term calcium deficiency.

Calcium is an extremely important turf nutrient, essential for strengthening cell walls and increasing resistance to disease. Most soils are rich in calcium so it is usually well supplied through the roots, making application unnecessary. However, for a short period after applying nitrogen the calcium supply from the soil is upset and turf can be temporarily short of calcium, making it more susceptible to disease with weak cell structure.

CalMax Ultra overcomes this temporary calcium shortage and creates stronger cells, making the turf harder wearing and more resistant to disease.

When To Use How Much To Use Comments
Prior to applying nitrogen 50 ml/green, 1.0 litre/ha Apply between 1-5 days before nitrogen application


For further information on compatibility and tank mixing refer to Horticulture Compatibility Guide and for physical compatibility with pesticides please contact us.


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