An inorganic suspension containing calcium and a balanced ratio of nitrogen, magnesium and micronutrients.

Potatoes and a wide range of vegetable and salad crops.

Protects against  Internal Rust Spot in potatoes and Tip Burn in lettuce. CalMax also prevents a number of calcium linked disorders in other crops and promotes crop health. 

Pack Sizes
10, 1000 litres

Analysis w/w w/v
Nitrogen (N) 10.0% 15.0%
Calcium (Ca) 15.0% 22.5%
Magnesium (MgO) 2.0% 3.0%
Manganese (Mn EDTA) 1000mg/kg 1500mg/l
Iron (Fe EDTA) 500mg/kg 750mg/l
Boron (B) 500mg/kg 750mg/l
Copper (Cu EDTA) 400mg/kg 600mg/l
Molybdenum (Mo) 10mg/kg 15mg/l


CalMax is specially formulated for foliar application ensuring there is maximum uptake and utilisation of nutrients by the plant.

Calcium Deficiency
Calcium is a primary constituent of all cell walls and membranes. Restrictions in the availability of calcium will adversely affect cell division, impair the structural stability and the permeability of cell walls. Increasing tuber calcium levels promotes longer storage life and resistance to a range of physiological break down conditions.

Many crops exhibit calcium deficiency due to lack of mobility of the nutrient or imbalances with other nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium or magnesium. Transportation of calcium is primarily in the xylem vessels of plants and is thus related to the transpiration rate. Calcium deficiency is often found following new leaf growth or during hot dry periods. Timings of application are therefore critical with most crops.

Use CalMax as directed below, in a minimum of 200 l/ha water. Foliar uptake will be enhanced by the addition of SW7¹.
The spray tank should be filled with half the required 

Use CalMax as directed below, in a minimum of 200 l/ha water. Foliar uptake will be enhanced by the addition of SW7¹.

The spray tank should be filled with half the required water. If applicable, add the required amount of SW7 to the water before the CalMax. After shaking the container, measure the required amount of CalMax and add to the tank whilst maintaining constant agitation. Add remaining water to correct dilution and spray.

Crop Timing Rate l/ha Comments
Broccoli 4-6 applications starting shortly before head formation 3.5 – 5 Brown beard reduction
Brussels sprouts Multiples applications 4-8.5 Internal browning reduction
Cabbage, Cauliflower, Lettuce, Endive 4-6 applications starting immediately prior to head formation 3.5 – 5 Tip burn reduction
Carrots Prior to strawing 3 Apply twice at 14 day intervals
Celery, Chicory Weekly applications starting before blackheart symptoms arise 3.5 – 5 Black heart reduction
Potatoes Multiple applications from early hook stage 2.5-5 Internal rust spot reduction/improved skin finish. Apply with 1/ha DP98


For further information on compatibility and tank mixing, and for physical compatibility with pesticides refer to the website 

¹ SW7 should be used to improve the wetting and spreading of the mixture. Use SW7 if it will be difficult to achieve good coverage, the leaves are waxy or tightly layered, or with dense crop canopies.




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