A nitrification inhibitor for simplifying top-dressing, improving crop yields and reducing environmental impact by reducing nitrogen losses.

Most agricultural crops.

With any nitrogen fertiliser, including organic manures, to allow the full season’s nitrogen requirement to be applied at one time, while reducing leaching losses.

Pack Sizes
20, 1000 litres, or pre-mixed with fertiliser

Dicyandiamide plus urease inhibitors


The management of nitrogen is critical to achieve optimum crop yield and gross margin. Didin is formulated with nitrification and urease inhibitors which control the release of nitrate nitrogen, increasing yields, reducing application costs and simplifying nitrogen management of the crop.

By controlling the release of nitrate into the soil solution, Didin can significantly reduce losses of the potent greenhouse gas nitrous oxide into the atmosphere.

Cereals: The unique formulation of Didin allows the grower to apply all of the nitrogen in just one dose, saving on additional application costs.

Potatoes: The controlled release of nitrogen following use of Didin reduces nitrate leaching losses ensuring that the potato crop can utilise more of the nitrogen applied.

Organic Manures: Most of the available nitrogen applied with slurries in the autumn and winter is lost through leaching and volatilization to the atmosphere and water courses. Didin reduces these losses, ensuring that valuable nitrogen is available in the spring.

The bacteriostatic action of one of the nitrification inhibitors in Didin, dicyandiamide, works selectively on Nitrosomonas europeae controlling the oxidation of ammonium to nitrate. By keeping the nitrogen in the ammonium form which is less prone to leaching, nitrogen losses can be kept to a bare minimum. Dicyandiamide is broken down as soil temperature increases. Didin therefore releases more nitrogen as the crop requires it.

When applied with slurry in the winter months, Didin can stabilise the nitrogen until the crop can use it in the spring.


Liquid Fertiliser: Add half of the fertiliser to the spray tank, add the required amount of Didin whilst agitating then add the remaining fertiliser. Maintain agitation whilst spraying.

Granular Fertiliser: Apply before application of granular fertiliser using spray nozzles. Add half of the water to the spray tank, add the required amount of Didin whilst agitating, and then add the remaining water.
Total spray volume should be a minimum of 200 l/ha. Maintain agitation whilst spraying.

Organic Manures: It is important to ensure that the Didin and slurry are well mixed. If using an umbilical cord system, use a proportional injection system. If using a slurry tanker, add Didin during filling. Alternatively Didin can be sprayed on to the ground before spreading the slurry, digestate or farm yard manure.


Didin is not normally mixed with pesticides.

Didin is however physically compatible with the full range of OMEX clear solution fertilisers.

To ensure complete mixing with OMEX suspension fertilisers Didin should be mixed during production by OMEX.


A flexible nitrogen additive that extends the release of available nitrogen in the rootzone to maintain turf colour and avoid flushes of growth, reducing the risk of disease and improving longevity of nitrogen response.

Didin Fluid works as a nitrification inhibitor and when added to a liquid nitrogen feed, such as Foliar High N Extra, or applied to turf before spreading solid nitrogen it delays the conversion of urea and ammonium nitrogen in the soil, effectively converting the fertiliser into a slow release product.

Didin Fluid breaks down safely in the soil over time and leaves no residues. It extends the supply of plant-available nitrogen over 2-3 months, reducing the need for frequent applications of nitrogen, and reducing the risk of nitrate leaching and water pollution.

When to use How much to use Comments
Prior to applying nitrogen 600ml / green, 12 litres/ha Apply between 1-5 days before nitrogen


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