eba technology

Omex has reformulated its foliar product range to incorporate EBA ® technology – a revolutionary formulation system designed to optimize foliar uptake and assimilation of nutrients.

Many factors can affect the efficient uptake of foliar nutrients through plant leaves and it is not simply a mater of applying the cheapest ingredients in the simplest form at a time to suit the grower. Scientific studies have shown the following factors can all have a significant effect on the outcome:

  • the type of nutrient salt used, as different forms can have markedly different rates of uptake
  • the use of surfactants in the formualtion to improve spreading, penetration and rain fastness
  • the size of the molecules in the formulation - larger materials cannot easily pass through the cuticle and stomata in the leaves
  • the humectancy of the formulation - the longer the time the application remains liquid on the leaf surface, the greater the chance of uptake

Other refinements can improve nutrient transport and reduce the risk of scorch in tank-mixes or high light intensity situations, such as

  • using synergistic multiformn nutrient sources and including organic fractions.
  • spraying plants under favourable environmental conditions
  • Using prophylactic foliar treatmenets during the growing season to preserve nutrient status

OMEX produces a range of speciality formulations which incorporate all of these refinements; the best choice of effective ingredients, synergistic combinations of nutrient sources, improved spreading and penetration and organic enhancement. This is an unbeatable combination called Enhanced Bio-Availability - EBA ® Technology.







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