Ferromex Mosskiller Concentrate

A unique high performance liquid mosskiller containing concentrated stabilised iron salts and nitrogen, approved for moss control in all amenity situations.

Amenity grassland, managed amenity turf.

As a horticultural/amenity herbicide to control moss.

Pack Size
20 litres

Ferromex Mosskiller Concentrate is a powerful and convenient to use liquid mosskiller for use in amenity turf.

Its advanced formulation results in the lowest recommended application rate for any liquid mosskiller available in the UK.

Efficacy trials conducted by STRI have demonstrated moss control to be equal to that achieved following dou-ble the rate of lawn sand one month after application, and 30% improved control after 2 months.

Ferromex Mosskiller concentrate is a soluble formulation containing 16.4% w/w iron sulphate with 4.6% w/w nitrogen.  It eliminates the handling and mixing issues associated with ferrous sulphate mosskiller.  Any unused product simply stores in the container, without any spoiling.

Ferromex Mosskiller Concentrate is easily applied by conventional sprayer and gives excellent control of all levels of moss infestation.  Fast working and rainfast once dry, it has a low potential to scorch the turf, providing simple and cost effective moss control in a wide range of situations.

Apply 150l/ha Ferromex Mosskiller Concentrate diluted in 500-850l/ha water (total spray volume 650-1000l/ha).

Spot treatment: Apply 150ml Ferromex Mosskiller Concentrate diluted in 500-850ml water per 10m².

The spray tank should be filled with half the required water. After gently shaking the container, measure the required amount of Ferromex Mosskiller Concentrate and add to the tank whilst maintaining constant agitation. Add remaining water to correct dilution and spray.
The undiluted product must not be applied directly to turf. Avoid walking on treated areas until dry.

Spring—Once turf and moss are actively growing
Summer—As required
Early Autumn—Latest time of application early autumn

Do not use in drought, freezing conditions or when rain is imminent.

Apply 3 days after and 4 days before mowing. Rake out dead moss when it has turned black, usually 7-10 days after treatment.

Re-treatment may be necessary for heavy infestations or if moss returns. Do not apply more than 3 treatments a year.

Spray Quality
Use a COARSE SPRAY as defined by BCPC. Avoid drift onto neighbouring areas as iron sulphate containing products can cause damage to susceptible crops and discolouration to hard surfaces.


Max. Individual Dose Max. no. of Treatments Latest Timing

Amenity Grassland

Managed Amenity Turf

150ml per 10m2, or


3 per year Early autumn, when turf grass growth remains active



Ferromex Mosskiller Concentrate contains Ferrous Sulphate.  Use plant protection products safely.  Always read the label and product safety information before use.

MAPP 16896

For further information contact your local OMEX representative.

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