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A high quality inorganic solution formulation containing nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, magnesium...

Active Fe

A non-hazardous iron powder product for the minimisation of hydrogen sulphide levels.

Alumex 610

Alumex 610 is a specialised, inorganic, aluminium salt-based coagulant.

Anomex Ca Range

The Anomex Ca range are calcium nitrate liquid solutions supplied in bulk as concrete additives.

Anomex Range

Anomex has been developed to prevent the sulphide gas build up which can occur in wastewater...

Balanced 11-11-11

Balanced 11-11-11 is part of the Value turf nutrition range, which encompasses a range of bulk...

Bio 18

Bio18 combines the benefits of natural kelp with an iron-rich balanced nutrient feed, provided by a...

Bio 20

Bio 20 is a complete foliar nutrition solution from OMEX, containing a unique package of nutrients,...

Bio Block

Bio Block is a water soluble product that gradually dissolves over a 30 – 90 day period. The slow...

Bio K

Bio K combines the benefits of naturally occurring kelp with potassium and nitrogen plus a full...

Biomex Duster

A soil amendment which acts as a natural growth stimulant, based on the beneficial bacteria Bacillus...

Biomex Plus

Biomex Plus is a unique patented co-formulation of the beneficial bacteria Bacillus...

Biomex Starter

OMEX Biomex Starter naturally promotes the health of crops. Added to soil, this effective...


An inorganic suspension containing calcium and a balanced ratio of nitrogen, magnesium and...


A nitrification inhibitor for simplifying top-dressing, improving crop yields and reducing...


A ‘biologically active’ biostimulant, based on phosphite (PO3) formulated with nitrogen and...

DSM Enzymes

OMEX is the official UK distributor for DSM Biogas. DSM Biogas developed enzyme solutions for biogas...

Dyed Urea

The disease caused by the root-rotting fungus is probably one of the most insidious threats to the...

eba technology

Omex has reformulated its foliar product range to incorporate EBA ® technology – a revolutionary...


Ferrokelp combines a powerful biostimulant combined with iron and nitrogen and is used to enhance...

Ferromex Mosskiller Concentrate

A unique high performance liquid mosskiller containing concentrated stabilised iron salts and...

Ferromex Range

The Ferromex range combats problems such as filamentous bulking and poor floc structure that can...

Folex B

An inorganic liquid formulation containing boron.

Folex Cu

An inorganic liquid formulation containing copper.

Folex K

An inorganic emulsion containing potassium and nitrogen.

Folex Mg

An inorganic liquid formulation containing magnesium and sulphur.

Folex N

An inorganic liquid formulation containing nitrogen.

Folex P

An inorganic liquid formulation containing phosphate and nitrogen.

Folex PZ

An inorganic liquid formulation containing phosphate with nitrogen and zinc.

Folex Se

An inorganic solution containing selenium.

Folex Zn

An inorganic liquid formulation containing zinc and sulphur.

Foliar High N Extra

A high quality foliar feed containing three sources of nitrogen and a range of secondary and micro...

Foliar Iron

Foliar Iron is a high quality foliar feed, it is used as a rapid greening agent to improve turf...

Foliar Supreme

A highly concentrated suspension containing phosphate, potassium, and elemental sulphur.

Gard S

An organic liquid formulation of garlic extract containing sulphur, approved as a restricted input...

General Purpose 17-9-9

General Purpose 17-9-9 is part of the Value turf nutrition range, which encompasses a range of bulk...


A glycol based deicer used in airports.

GreeN 17-0-0

GreeN 17-0-0 is part of the Value turf nutrition range, which encompasses a range of bulk liquid...

Green Cross

Tried and tested on turf and crops all over the world, Green Cross is a highly effective, super...

GreenNS 18-0-0-18 SO3

GreeNS is part of the value nutrition range, which incorporates a range of bulk liquid fertilisers,...

High N

A highly concentrated, fast acting foliar nitrogen with extra magnesium and a range of...


A granular non-corrosive deicer.

Isomex 3

A potassium acetate liquid deicer which offers longer holdover.


A concentrated inorganic formulation containing potassium carbonate.


An organic biostimulant containing concentrated extract of the kelp species Ecklonia maxima.


A formulation containing naturally occurring biostimulants with a unique natural activator.


An organic growth stimulant containing concentrated extract of kelp species Ecklonia maxima....


OMEX Kickstart is highly focused foliar nutrition designed to significantly improve root growth and...


A highly effective pesticide wetting and spreading agent for use in agricultural, horticultural and...

Magmex Range

A range of Magnesium Hydroxide suspensions for treating acidic wastewaters and controlling pH levels...

Magnesium Plus

An inorganic liquid formulation containing magnesium, manganese, nitrogen and sulphur.

Manganese 17.5

An inorganic liquid formulation containing manganese and sulphur.


A water soluble suspension containing a balanced range of micronutrients.

Micromex Range

OMEX offers the Micromex range of solutions designed to optimise biological activity in aerobic...


An emulsifiable concentrate formulation designed to improve adhesion, deposition and penetration of...

Nitroflo Range

Nutromex Biopack

A unique powder solution of bio-available trace elements and specially selected bacteria to...

Nutromex N&P Series

The highly successful range of N & P solutions to optimise performance in both aerobic and anaerobic...

Nutromex TEA Range

A range of bio available micronutrient supplements created for the anaerobic digester market.

Oilseed Extra

An inorganic liquid containing nitrogen, magnesium, sulphur, micronutrients and a biostimulant.

OMEX Iron Range

A range of single micronutrient iron supplements including Folex Fe , Iron EDTA and Iron EDDHA for...

O-Mix Range

O-Mix soluble powders are ideal for stock solutions for use with all types of irrigation systems....

Organomex Range

A range of concentrated emulsion formulations containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and...

Outfield 19-0-10

Outfield 19-0-10 is part of the Value turf nutrition range, which encompasses a range of bulk liquid...


A unique foliar fertiliser containing highly available phosphorus zinc and manganese. Improves plant...


Polymex is a fertiliser additive that encourages phosphate uptake in young plants, helping crops...

P-Phite Turf

P-Phite Turf is a highly effective, high performance foliar nutrient which is radically different...

Protein Plus, Protein Plus-S, OMEX Hypro®

Inorganic liquid formulations containing nitrogen or nitrogen and sulphur.

Quad 14

A concentrated suspension formulation containing nitrogen, phosphorus as phosphite, potassium and...

Saltex Plus

Saltex Plus is a concentrated salt solution, containing pure sodium chloride and a powerful wetting...

Solution Compound Fertiliser Range

OMEX solution compound fertilisers can contain NPK in various mixes. Every drop contains the...

Starter Fertiliser

To ensure that the crop gets off to a good start, and to capitalise on the potential from...


An inorganic liquid formulation containing nitrogen and sulphur. Sulphomex is suitable for foliar...

Super K

A unique foliar-applied high analysis potassium feed with turbo power and micro nutrients.


An inorganic liquid formulation containing manganese, magnesium, nitrogen and sulphur, SuperMn is a...

Superphite Plus

A water soluble formulation containing P as both phosphate (PO4) and phosphite (PO3), formulated...


Maintaining safe conditions for railway customers is vital throughout the winter.

Suspension Fertilisers For Cereals & Oilseed Rape

Controlling costs and maximising returns on inputs are key to successfully growing oilseed rape and...

Suspension Fertilisers For Maize

Getting the nutrition right for the maize crop can mean that a number of applications are required,...

Suspension Fertilisers For Organic Crops

Organic Fertiliser. A range of tailor made suspension fertilisers manufactured under licence from...

Suspension Fertilisers For Potatoes

Potatoes can be a fragile, labour intensive and expensive crop to grow. So, it’s good to know that...

Suspension Fertilisers For Sugar Beet

OMEX suspensions are tailor-made for the beet crop, containing the required ratio of nitrogen,...

Suspension Fertilisers For Vegetables

Vegetable growers need to demonstrate that their production process can be fully traced and that all...

SW7 (New Improved Formulation)

A silicon based non-ionic wetting and spreading agent, and source of silicon to the crop.


A liquid formulation of garlic extract, kelp and aromatic aldehyde to overcome symptoms of pest...


An inorganic formulation containing P as phosphite (PO3), formulated with potassium, manganese,...


Zynergy is a unique complex of copper and zinc. This specially formulated combination of highly...