Sludge Treatment

A range of aluminium and ferrous salts to improve the coagulation of fine suspended solids in wastewater treatment plants. The Alumex range offers specialised combinations of inorganic aluminium salt based coagulants to improve sludge settlement and to coagulate suspended solids.

The Ferromex range consists of a gentle coagulant and biomass conditioning agent, which can be added to activated sludge systems in industrial treatment plants to improve sludge settlement and to lower the final effluent suspended solids. This gentle action means Ferromex will not concentrate within a system or over-flocculate which leads to problems with flotation.  This range can also be used in conjunction with the Nutromex range to meet individual needs of specific effluent systems.

Key Benefits

  • Improved sludge settlement
  • Improved floc formulation
  • Overall improval of plants biological health


Alumex 610

Alumex 610 is a specialised, inorganic, aluminium salt-based coagulant.

Bio Block

Bio Block is a water soluble product that gradually dissolves over a 30 – 90 day period. The slow...

Ferromex Range

The Ferromex range combats problems such as filamentous bulking and poor floc structure that can...