Fine Turf and Amenity

OMEX products for professional fine turf, amenity and landscape managers, include a range of foliar nutrients, biostimulants and turf health promoters, such as the market leading concentrated moss killer, FerromexR, plus a range of clean liquid deicers for pathways and car parks.

The Benefits of Foliar Nutrition

Foliar nutrition offers flexibility.  Biostimulants can improve roots, sward strength and vigour, and stimulate the turf's natural defence against disease and pest attacks. Macro and micronutrients allow the turf manager to choose the best product or combination according to demand and use.

The product range has been developed following consultation with leading turf managers and tailored to the specific requirements of producing high quality turf, within today's cost conscious and environmentally sensitive approach.

Concentrated Formulation

OMEX foliar fertilisers have a very high nutrient concentration, often close to those of solid fertilisers and several times that of normal solution fertilisers.  All products are 100% water-soluble for fertigation and foliar applications at a rate that suits your turf needs.

The amenity product range incorporates EBAR technology, a revolutionary formulation system designed to optimise foliar uptake and assimilation of nutrients.

Services For Turf and Amenity

OMEX also offers soil and SAP testing services, which help identify nutrient deficiencies, excesses or imbalances; The purpose built laboratory is a member of the UK PAAG ring testing and quality assurance scheme.


Balanced 11-11-11

Balanced 11-11-11 is part of the Value turf nutrition range, which encompasses a range of bulk...

Bio 20

Bio 20 is a complete foliar nutrition solution from OMEX, containing a unique package of nutrients,...

Bio K

Bio K combines the benefits of naturally occurring kelp with potassium and nitrogen plus a full...

Biomex Starter

OMEX Biomex Starter naturally promotes the health of crops. Added to soil, this effective...

CalMax Ultra

CalMax Ultra contains calcium in conjunction with a ‘pump primer’ that ensures the calcium can be...


A nitrification inhibitor for simplifying top-dressing, improving crop yields and reducing...


Ferrokelp combines a powerful biostimulant combined with iron and nitrogen and is used to enhance...

Ferromex Mosskiller Concentrate

A unique high performance liquid mosskiller containing concentrated stabilised iron salts and...

Folex K

An inorganic emulsion containing potassium and nitrogen.

Folex N

An inorganic liquid formulation containing nitrogen.

Foliar High N Extra

A high quality foliar feed containing three sources of nitrogen and a range of secondary and micro...

Foliar Iron

Foliar Iron is a high quality foliar feed, it is used as a rapid greening agent to improve turf...

General Purpose 17-9-9

General Purpose 17-9-9 is part of the Value turf nutrition range, which encompasses a range of bulk...

GreeN 17-0-0

GreeN 17-0-0 is part of the Value turf nutrition range, which encompasses a range of bulk liquid...

Green Cross

Tried and tested on turf and crops all over the world, Green Cross is a highly effective, super...

GreenNS 18-0-0-18 SO3

GreeNS is part of the value nutrition range, which incorporates a range of bulk liquid fertilisers,...


A granular non-corrosive deicer.


An organic biostimulant containing concentrated extract of the kelp species Ecklonia maxima.

Magnesium Plus

An inorganic liquid formulation containing magnesium, manganese, nitrogen and sulphur.


A water soluble suspension containing a balanced range of micronutrients.


An emulsifiable concentrate formulation designed to improve adhesion, deposition and penetration of...

Outfield 19-0-10

Outfield 19-0-10 is part of the Value turf nutrition range, which encompasses a range of bulk liquid...


Polymex is a fertiliser additive that encourages phosphate uptake in young plants, helping crops...

P-Phite Turf

P-Phite Turf is a highly effective, high performance foliar nutrient which is radically different...


An inorganic liquid formulation containing nitrogen and sulphur. Sulphomex is suitable for foliar...

Super K

A unique foliar-applied high analysis potassium feed with turbo power and micro nutrients.


An inorganic liquid formulation containing manganese, magnesium, nitrogen and sulphur, SuperMn is a...


Maintaining safe conditions for railway customers is vital throughout the winter.

SW7 (New Improved Formulation)

A silicon based non-ionic wetting and spreading agent, and source of silicon to the crop.


A liquid formulation of garlic extract, kelp and aromatic aldehyde to overcome symptoms of pest...