Moss Control

The spread of moss may not seem a major concern but if left unchecked, the damage it can cause to recreational and amenity surfaces can be extremely costly.

OMEX’s industry leading agricultural moss killer products have proved invaluable to organisations throughout the country from amenity parkland controllers to professional sports clubs.

From football pitches to fine turf golf and bowling greens, the effects of inadequate moss control can cause problems on several types of amenity surface.

Aside from the undesirable aesthetic appearance of moss, its presence can also impact negatively on ball bounce, roll and direction, hampering the experience for participants and spectators alike.

Liquid Moss Killer

One of the most effective methods in ensuring everyone can enjoy the game is the application of a concentrated moss killer such as OMEX Ferromex – a unique liquid formulation that boasts excellent short and long-term results.

Within 7-10 days, this high performance liquid moss killer will remove even the heaviest infestation and encourage rapid sward regrowth.

Our experienced moss control specialists are also available to provide guidance on further aspects of improving the health of recreation and amenity surfaces, including drainage, soil fertility, aeration and shading.

To learn more about our Ferromex amenity and agricultural moss killer product range, or to enquire about the best application to suit your requirements, please contact our expert team.


Ferromex Mosskiller Concentrate

A unique high performance liquid mosskiller containing concentrated stabilised iron salts and...